Aug 22 2014

Guess I live in the wrong country

After working for almost 17 years at a hospital I found out that “my job had been eliminated” and that would be my last day of typing neurology, cardiac, sleep studies and EKG’s. We had been out sourced, all of our transcription for the entire hospital (except the lab) and I am assuming all UHS hospitals out source to India! No notice at all and the day before Thanksgiving to boot. No heart, just a number on the budget reports, no hope you haven’t bought your son’s Christmas yet or hope you’ve already bought your food for a Thanksgiving dinner.. Nothing. Straight out of the scrooge movie. To rub salt into the wound the entire department had already been cut down to only being able to work 30 hours a week for months now so to make a full check you would have to take your PTO/Sick time to make your check. I am blessed enough to have a few Pto hours left but not many. I am supposed to receive 3 weeks severance pay but I bet they won’t even base that on 40 hours and of course they tax that too. I have to go sign all the paperwork on Monday (in 2 days) and will have to take out my 401K money and get hit with all those tax penalties so we have electricity for Christmas. No more health insurance and will have to pay the penality on that too I suppose. My son is on 2 monthly medications that I can’t afford without my prescription drug card. Needless to say I didn’t feel to much like celebrating on Thanksgiving yesterday. An American corporation putting their own people out of work and sending our work to India is really sad. Not only that all the work that they out sourced and is now being typed is riddled errors and blanks. There is a language barrier, they don’t know the difference between “too and two”. On a more serious note the reports they are typing are what doctors are looking at to base your treatment off of. Not even to mention God only knows what kind of personal information is being sent to India. But yet I have had to sign my life away for years with training and signing things etc about the rules of not breaking the HIPPA law. What a joke. When it was declared that all the medical field had to go to electronic medical records or be penalized on financial reimbursment was the first nail in the coffin. Now with all the United States companies trying to skirt providing and paying for a portion on health care insurance for employees, it has really put a lot of people out of work and has taken food off the table of Americans. I am ashamed of how our country is treating its own people. I am supposed to be able to get unemployment but the max is 20 weeks in my state and given the situation of how medical transciption is obsolete unless you live in another country, I don’t really know what to do. I’m 45 years old and this is what I’ve done for almost 17 years. Can’t find a job in my trade. My trade is no more. I’m scared, unemployed,divorced with a child, mortgage, no insurance, hardly any 401K will be left after all the penalties. God help my soul.

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This post was submitted by Teresa.

Jul 18 2014

New Girl Laid Off After Two Weeks…Cutbacks Kill.

I graduated college with a design degree on June 2012 and have been juggling part-time and freelance jobs since then, just trying to make enough money to live on my own. After spending hours on hours on end searching and applying and interviewing for jobs, I finally landed a full-time gig a year after. It was for a start-up company that has a lot of potential. They offered me a generous compensation with great benefits to match. I was definitely on the right track now, or so I thought.

The day after I got my first paycheck, I was given notice that I am being let go. Our company had a meeting that afternoon, with our CEO announcing we had to cut our expenses in half in order to get more funding (hmm? sounds sketchy right..) and that there would be lay-offs. There goes the first person in the room with a manila envelope… second person… third person… and then, me. Two weeks in my new job, and that’s it. I am a 23-year old professional, I shouldn’t have taken this personally, but I am also an emotional, fragile, disappointed, frustrated and stressed woman – so I broke down and cried to my female coworker. Yes, I did that… in front of my CEO.

Now, I am back at job searching again, hoping next time would be better.

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This post was submitted by Andrea.

Jan 13 2014

Another Layoff?

Last August I left a stable sales job to join a start-up R & D company as a diesel technician. This new job offered a better environment and 50% more pay. I have always been told the only way to get ahead is to take risks, so I did.

Six weeks later, I was told I was no longer needed, and I shouldn’t be surprised because this company is a start-up.

Through a friend, I interviewed and found another job as a trainee machinist. I worked hard, and came home exhausted every single day. Once again, six weeks later, I was pulled into the office and told I was no longer needed due to a soft forging market.

I called my old boss back at my stable sales job, and was rehired.

About one year later, my former employer, the machine shop, called and said they had an opportunity for me. I interviewed and took the job. It paid 30% more, and was a better work environment than my sales job.

Yesterday, four months later, I was once again called into the office and told I was no longer needed. I cannot go back to my sales job as I have already quit once.

I feel like a total failure who cannot provide for my wife. I am ready to never take another risk in my life again as it is apparent that they do not pay off. Is this just visited on me? How many times am I going to be laid off in my life? Why bother trying to work, when I’ll just be let go soon?

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This post was submitted by Kevin.

Dec 23 2013

Fired 3 Times in 2 years…Is it me?

I did everything right. I worked hard, earned 3 degrees while working full time and was easy to get along with. I have 1 major issue and that is that I don’t suffer fools lightly. I’m really easy going and told I have a good sense of humor. Generally I deal with very smart people on a daily basis and I enjoy this part of my job. But sometimes when people cannot or will not acknowledge that they do not know everything even when presented with the facts infuriates me.

The first time I was laid off from my job I worked for a guy that I thought had it all together. He was a little younger than me and knew he didn’t have the knowledge or experiences that I had but he was smart enough to ask good questions and generally came up with some good suggestions. Then one day everything changed and I don’t know why. My yearly review was due and he called me in to his office. I sat down feeling pretty confident that it would be the usual “Exceeds Expectations” since I had just won a company wide efficiency award, just got back from training where I earned an advanced industry certification and had just completed a major project way ahead of schedule and below budget.
That was not to be. I was told that I had “communication issues” with members of senior management, I was difficult to get along with and I had let some deadlines slip on some major projects. I protested but I might as well have been talking to a wall.

The facts were this: The “communications issues” were from several years before when a VP wanted new equipment but then decided that it would not help him. This happened the first week I started working for this company like I said several years before. The other “communications issue” was when I asked a VP a question in a meeting that he was unprepared to answer. Instead of saying he would get back to me or something like that he made up some BS and I let it slide. I even thanked him for the response knowing it was BS. Later he told my boss that I was harassing the ladies in his office. He was the HR VP for pete’s sake. It was BS and never happened. The complaint about the harassment was not true and he could not get anyone from his department to file a complaint. Also this supposedly occurred a good 2 years before my review. So really I couldn’t understand why this came up. I asked but wasn’t given an answer that made sense. Then I questioned the “Missing Deadline on Major Projects” issue. The Major project was a major political football in the company. No one wanted to change the way they were doing things and some company VP’s went to the CEO and raised a fuss. Needless to say we were told to stop the project and it was acknowledged by my boss that it was not because of something we had or had not done but simple office politics. We had actually finished 90% of the project before we stopped. The other projects were all finished ahead of schedule.

I actually received a “Needs Improvement” on that review although 4 of the 11 criteria were “exceeds”, 6 were “meets expectations” and only 1 was “Needs Improvement” I was floored. He was supposed to average it out and it should have been an “Exceeds” When I brought that up he told me he could do what he wanted with the final rating. I had NEVER in my 25 years of working had ever received a review of “Needs Improvement”. 90% of my reviews were always “Exceeds Exceptions” or whatever the highest rating was. I let it go. If I had brought it up to HR it would have made it worse.

11 months later I was called in and told that the company was “Eliminating My Position” because they knew I was looking for a job (I was) and because I had production issues. I had no warning that I had production issues except for that review 11 months prior. I was not warned that I had “Production issues” nor was I warned to not look for a job.

I ended up in Unemployemnt court where the manager that let me go admitted that I was not a problem employee and that they let me go because I was seeking employment outside the company which by the way was not something that you could be fired for at our company. I got my unemployment since the company according to the judge “Did not have any reason to terminate my employment but in this state which is a right to work state the company does not need a reason to terminate your employment.” The company changed the reason to “Reduction in Force – Position Eliminated” and I was eligible for rehire immediately IF a position became available. I was not interested. My bosses boss was fired 6 months later when service levels plummeted in my old department. I found out later that over 20 people in my division were let go the same way I was.

2 weeks passed and I found another job through a headhunter. The job was a departmental management position and the company which was small didn’t really have a reputation to research but I was assured that the company was solid and the people that I spoke with were long term employees. I thought it was a great fit. I worked my magic just like I did at my 2 previous positions and saved the company a ton of money and came up with ways to save the company a ton more. The company’s vendors were ripping off the company by charging retail rates when we were buying in bulk. The people providing services were charging us for equipment that wasn’t even in the company and a service provider was really overcharging the company by 10′s of thousands of dollars a month. There were other issues that were covered up and there were management issues that management refused to address and pushed under the rug. This company was unethical to say the least. I felt slimy working there and yet on the outside it appeared to be a respectable business.

I went to work there on the first day and was given a list of tasks that needed to be accomplished over the next 12 months. I finished these tasks in 7 months and then proposed a new group of projects that would have saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars to my boss For the next month I answered phones and performed Customer support tasks along with my regular duties. The assigned projects were all finished and I had just proposed a bunch of new projects to the State VP’s, COO, the Comptroller, CFO and CEO. I was told “No” (actually I was told “Hxll No! by the CEO and COO. I never did understand where the anger came from because this proposal was part of a presentation to the executive board half of which had already approved the expenditures) on all these projects even though it was going to save the company millions and improve services drastically. As I said, I had already passed these projects by the CFO, the Comptroller and my boss and they agreed that these projects were great ideas. I was disappointed but just smiled and moved on. I never brought it back up. I just went back to my desk and answered phones for the rest of the day. That was a Wednesday. Friday we had Birthday cake. On Monday I was called in and told that I was being Laid Off due to economic conditions. I was given 2 weeks of severance and a Letter of Recommendation that stated that I was great employee, that I was well liked and that I was really good at my job. However the company was cutting costs because it was not meeting budgetary goals and my position was identified as not necessary at this time (Remember all my projects were completed). Several people were laid off at the same time so apparently it was a legitimate lay off. Anyway I was kind of glad it ended. Remember I felt slimy working for this company. It was not an immoral business like a house of prostitution but it was not exactly as good as running a payday lending operation.

So now I had been laid off from 2 jobs in 9 months. What could happen next right?

I was out of work for 3 months and finally found a job again through another headhunter. The job was advertised as one thing and told that it was another better thing. They liked my experience, education, training and answers to the interview questions. The job was a demotion, paid less but was still in my profession. I was thinking that it might be a long term position that would enable me to clean up my resume. The second day after I took the position my new boss quit. When he told me why he quit I was not surprised he quit. The job was terrible. He offered me the position and I told him I would do what the company needed me to do. but I really didn’t want it. It didn’t happen. The company was looking for someone with heavy experience in that industry and I didn’t have any experience in that industry. Like I said I have 25 years of experience in my field and multiple advanced degrees. The person they hired as my boss’s replacement didn’t have a degree one. He also didn’t really have any skills that were applicable to our area. He had a few years of experience in the industry and had been a manager at his last company. He also made less at his last job than I made at this company.

He came to work and I was moved to an area away from the main area. For 2 weeks I fully expected to see him come walking up and introduce himself. He never did. Finally one day he came up to my office and introduced himself. It’s not like I hadn’t tried to contact him. I called several times and stopped by his office but either he was not there or he was in a meeting. For the next 2 months I never saw him again. Then something changed and I got an email from him asking for me to stop by his office one morning. I knew what was coming. I was laid off again. I was told that I would get severance and a letter of recommendation. I received both but had to fight to get the severance. The reason given was that the company was cutting back due to economic conditions and in fact they had released several people but my area thought we were safe because there were so few of us. What the company did was to go find cheaper people to do our jobs and then laid us off. I had heard that those kind of things happened but had never seen it occur until now. The people they brought in were inexperienced and worked for a little more than minimum wage. Of course the company is really suffering but apparently they cut payroll by 50% which was their goal.

To sum up: For 23 years I had 2 places of employment. After 27 years I had 3 places of employment. 1 1/2 years later I had worked for 3 different companies in the prior 18 months.

I can’t blame any of this on immigrants taking my job nor directly on Obamacare but as a highly educated Finance Professional I can without a doubt blame it on a terrible, terrible economy that is caused by stupid policies that have decimated America. Unless we reduce the deficit and tax rates quickly, reduce the number of legal and illegal immigrants and rework Obamacare we are all going to end up “Laid-Off”.

Based on the Law of Supply and Demand, if there are just a few people seeking employment wages will go up to attract the best and brightest. If there are many people seeking employment demand for people will be lower and wages will fall. Right now we have many people seeking the few available jobs and companies are letting the well paid go and hiring the less experienced at half the pay. Simple Economics.

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This post was submitted by Knowledge Worker - MBA.

May 17 2013

Life as a Executive Chef

I was the Executive Chef for a private Hospital. Never in my life I thought I would be in this position. I was laid off with no notice, severance package or anything. I was making too much money. I have a family and no income. I can’s find a job anywhere and I feel lost. At one time I had everything and I’m close to be homeless. Years of experience and a strong resume is not enough. I have faith and I know everything happens for a reason but if I don’t get a job, I will end up on the streets.

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This post was submitted by Mac.