Nonprofit Hell

So this is the deal…I worked for a non profit in White Plains and had several roles there; web designer, graphic designer, admin assisstant, and communications associate. One of my main jobs was to help volunteers sign up and get prepared for over-seas trips to third world countries. My boss had been planning a volunteer trip to Africa. More specificaly, a region in Africa that he was from and had plans to stay for vacation in once the official trip was over. This particular area had just made the news due to the recent rash of violent outbreaks that had claimed several lives. Regardless, he wanted his vacation time so he took the volunteers on the plane. They never made it to their destination. War had fully erupted by then and the plane was rerouted to a neighboring country.

The family members of the volunteers were calling the office non-stop wondering what had happened and how could they get in touch with their husbands and wives. My boss had neglected to set up any kind of emergency system or emergency phone number to reach him with. We had agreed to contact each other through AOL instant messenger, but he never logged on. Families were desperately trying to get information and my boss had dissapeared off the face of the planet.

Long story short…he comes back home (vacation cut short), and I’m blamed for not having information for the families of the volunteers. He knowlingly took a group of elderly men and women into a war zone that he had been warned to stay out of, and lets the heat from the higher ups fall on my shoulders.

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