I am a victim of Barney Frank and his liberal leanings

I am 61 years old. I have plied the trade as an account manager marketing title insurance for 33 years. 27 of those were with Lawyers Title.
In the early 90\’s they were purchased along with Commonwealth Title by Land America. Unless you were living under a rock, you know that they were the most mismanaged company within the industry. Fortunately, I was wise enough to leave their employ 4 years ago. I then joined Express Title. Its a local First American agent composed of all former members of Land America. Things were good in 2005. I was able to secure 90% of my client base when I made the move.

However, the first sign of the economic downturn was in October of that year. I think it also coincided with the beginnings of “Acorn”. Senator Frank and his cronies relaxed the underwriting standards at Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae. This allowed individuals to secure mortgages without proper documentation of employment, etc. That is the sole reason for the economic problems this country is now experiencing.

The solution?, It is as simple as this.

Give $10,000.00 to qualified 1st time home buyers for their down payment.

Give $25,000.00 to current qualified homeowners that are moving up or building.

The ripple affect would get the economy back on track and we would have solvency by the end of 2009.

This monetary plan would cost a hell of a lot less then the nightmare the current administration is foisting on the American public.

As for myself, I have zero opportunites for employment. I have sent out dozens of resumes. Once they see my age, the door closes.

I have already used $75,000.00 of my retirement funds to make ends meet. I will be destitute by 2011 if the conditions remain the same.

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