No Deductables, No Job.

How I got laid off is I worked in the office of an auto body shop doing estimates, ordering parts and all the typical office work like data entry, customer relations. But in these times nobody has money for their deductables.

So, the only vehicles that come in are the ones that we’re not at fault so they don’t have any deductables. Work is less than half. So the owner let me and another estimator go, so now there is only the owner and manager doing all the work now.

I keep in contact with them and still nothing has changed. I been out of work sence Sept. 5th 2008. One more unemployment check till I’m done, no leads for work for about 2 weeks now, about to lose my house, vehicle. I’m sure you have heard this many of times. Take Care.

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No Deductables, No Job., 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

One Response to “No Deductables, No Job.”

  • Joseph Manna, Infusionsoft Says:

    I totally feel for your frustrations in that. On one hand, it’s the result of staying afloat in business; on the other hand, it’s ridiculous that you were let go.

    I was in your shoes not too long ago. I got one piece of advice: Hustle. Don’t get depressed and negative about it. As there are shrinking markets, there’s others that grow and flourish.

    Alright, so here’s what you do — you narrow down what you’re good at and post it on craigslist in the gigs section. Then go out and call places that have ads on craiglist for similar jobs and just go out there and hustle your way to the owner and talk to them. At the same time, build your brand by networking with others … consider using and find those in the similar field as you. And finally, once you get some cashflow and money saved … consider becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers are people who are paid on commission for either selling or brining qualified leads into a business. Set up several Web properties and capture leads and offer to sell them to businesses who they are matched with.

    At any rate — there’s hope. Just keep your head up, get out there and hustle. With hard work, a good attitude, anything is possible.


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