It’s Your Turn Baby!

The funny thing about the day I got laid off was that I was looking good! I had my hair done and a new outfit; I felt really good. Hey, nothing bad can happen when you look this good, right?

I knew our agency was going through a hard time. We had just lost a big account and everyone was whispering and feeling uneasy. The usual atmosphere of humor, fun and creativity was gone. All that was left was nervousness, silence and an effort to make yourself look busy.

On that particular day I was feeling good, but I was soon on edge. One of the agency’s top VP’s had flown into town and was meeting with the chairman. This certain VP was not scheduled to come to town. Why was he here? Shortly before 11 am, my supervisor was paged to the boardroom. As she went upstairs, I wondered what was going on. Was our account in trouble? Was she being fired? Was someone else on our account team being fired? This couldn’t be good. Sure enough, about 30 minutes later, my good friend from office services came by. These guys are in charge of packing your stuff when you get let go. They are also the first to know when someone is getting canned.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Where’s your boss?” asks Mr. Office Services

“She’s still in the boardroom. Ummm…why do you ask?”

“She’s getting fired,” states Mr. Office Services

I was shocked and mortified. If she was getting canned, then what about me? Minutes later, she arrives back in her office, gives me a hug, packs up her laptop and leaves the premises. Ten minutes later, I get paged to the HR Director’s Office. As soon as I walk in, I ask whether I’m being fired. I’m told to close the door and take a seat.

“Yes, I’m sorry but we’re letting you go.”

In shock, I start crying like a little bitch. You see, I didn’t WANT to cry. I wanted to be strong and in control. Yet here I was bawling.

“It\’s nothing you did. It has nothing to do with your performance. The agency is just going through a hard time.” As she said this, I did start to feel a little better. At least I didn’t lose my job because I was so kind of fuck up. After signing all the paperwork and packing my stuff, I went around and said good bye to all my friends. We all cried together, hugged and I was told to send them my resume just in case they heard of anything.

I guess I’m fortunate that my lay off wasn’t too traumatic. It was a good ride while it lasted. I made lots of great friends, learned a lot about the industry and have some good memories. I also have a great support system of friends who won’t let me feel sorry for myself. I know I’ll be back! Looking good and feeling great.

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  • Mario Says:

    Interesting story about your situation. But you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. I’ve gotten laid off before and usually we don’t expect it to happen unless of course we aren’t performing well enough or had a bad performance review. Things eventually will get better. Keep smiling! 🙂

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