While on Vacation

Ive been laid off 3 times – all shitty. Managers have no tact when it comes to being laid off.

Lay off #1.
I was on vacation in FL and called my boss one day because we had a big project launching that day and I wanted to make sure all was cool with it.

He told me that he was happy I called because the company had been sold and he didnt want me to have to come into an empty office when I got back as we had all been laid off. Nice mindset to be in when youre on vacation right? It gets worse – the director wanted me to come home from my vacation early because he wanted me to transition my position to someone in India because I was in a very specialized field and noone else in the company, let along the guy in India, knew how I did what I did. I had build a bunch of programs in my own version of a computer language so they made no sense to anyone else.

I told him to stuff it, that I was taking the rest of my vacation time (an additional week) and when I came back I would help with the transition but it would take as long as it took me to find a new job and that I would be billing them for my time as a contractor, not as an employee, which is basically 3 or 4 times what I was making as an employee.

I think I made an extra $18K off them by the time I got a new job, and because my layoff was due to the company being sold they were required to pay me 6 week as a severance on top of it.

Layoff 2.
I swear its the same company as the guy that posted http://howigotlaidoff.com/2009/02/19/stupid-gddamn-motherfcking-blessing-in-disguise-2/. Exact same story!

Layoff 3.
Im not sure if I was laid off or fired. No one else was laid off, but they told me I was. They never told me I was fired, but they had every reason to fire me at that job because all I did all day was read Overheardinnewyork

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2 Responses to “While on Vacation”

  • Nick Says:

    Very nice! That’s ballsy to ask you to transition the position over to someone else without getting something out of it.

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  • Feliz Says:

    I laughed with tears about your layoff 2 (the phone calls and stealing stuff from the cube)

    I was laid off on my birthday. I told the HR lady:”is this my birthday gift?” she started crying. I said:”Come on this is just a job! smile. lets see what package you have for me”

    Of course i was destroyed inside.

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