Made Redundant 13 years ago

I served in the British Royal Navy for 24 years and was made redundant in 1996 and felt lost, out of touch, that I\’d lost my identity, that I suddenly becme invisible.
At the time I fell into some short term consulting work and managed for a few years to do quite well but then the Exxon Valdese sank in Alaska and that put an end to that work. So I had to regroup and restart and over time I\’ve built up a few small businesses that generate some (not quite enough) income that keeps us afloat as a family but my wife had to go to work.
To make it wose 8 weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has already had 2 lots of surgery and faces chemo and radiation for the rest of 2009. She goes down to half pay in a month or so and a few months later zero pay.
We don\’t really know what to do but we will get through this and will not give up. This recession/depression will last for years and so we have to be strong and resourceful.
A small group of us who meet on a monday morning on the phone (or skype) have decided that we have to be more proactive and have started a small site called Start Something Today to give people who are trying to be proactive a place to tell the world. It only went live yesterday but we hope and trust that it will become a place where people in our situation (being laid off) can showcase our ideas and get practical support from like minded people. We are even able to offer free (really free) Webhosting to many people if they need it.

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