My Demise For Lack Of A Better Expresison

First off let me apologise for the slightly childish handle I\’ve chosen here. Nova-Storm isn\’t exactly the first thing that Came to mind, but It does protect my normal online identity, especially as I used to work in IT, I was rather well known by another name….

Anyway I digress. My demise came a few months ago when I started working for a company that shall remain nameless. It quickly became apparent that there would not be enough work to support the two staff they had taken on. Over time I did my very best to push as hard as I could, shine through and excel, however in the end, there was a preference issue. Where I was given the less desirable tasks and the other one was sat in a comfy office, reaping the true benefits and responsibilities of the job.

We had a large task to deal with at the start of the job, which took us untill a week ago to finish. Then a week later it became overly apparent there was not enough work. I had no option but to voice a concern, as otherwise I would appear lazy, an then, Yesterday morning, I was pulled into a room, and given the standard “your fired” speach. Of course the company would not be stupid enough to admit that they had made a mistake when developing the job specification. No they chose to use another excuse, that old one of unacceptable conduct. When I asked what the conduct was, they said “It\’s become very apparent your not happy here” I questioned them further “Asking your manager if there is a problem is unnaceptable”

Hurrah! a breakthrough. They\’re actually admitting that because I raised an issue, in fear of looking lazy, they were terminating the contract. Erasing a mistake they had made.

Alas I was then escorted from the building, now redundant from the drop in workload.

And so this is my story, of being screwed by a company. Would there have been a difference if the markets were better? Of course, there would have been piles more work. But alas, I was screwed.

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