Religious Group Not So Charitable

I have been ‘laid off’ from a NGO. I think that my boss hired me knowing that as soon as the 6 month project was over, they were going to fire me (Or, as they put it ‘not continue with my contract’). They did say that the position was permanent, but in hindsight, I think they were desperate, and just needed some one to do the temp. project. I like the job, and it is a great NGO, but it really pisses me off. That is a really smarmy, conniving thing to do, esspecially for a religous NGO! And lucky for me, there is a 60 days notice clause in my contract, so I have to STAY there for at least a month (they had to give me 2 months notice, but I let them shorten it to one month because it is bad enough hanging around for 1 month with nothing to do.)

The worst part is that my #$%(@)#& boss now ignores me. She will go a week without even saying good morning!! She still invites me to meetings, asks for my ‘input’, and then total contradicts me in front of everybody.

I don’t get it!! I raised more money for them then anybody before!!!! The project was a great success! I guess it goes to show that even people at religious NGOs are not that likely to have any ethics. (Some people there do, but I was an idiot to think that everybody would). I am a little mad about feeling used and being so gullible, but I am sure worse things have happened to others. I just had to vent.

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