Welcome to New York–You’re Fired.

It was a rainy spring morning last May when I officially moved into my new, overpriced shoebox size studio apartment in NYC. My former financial firm had transferred me to their new NYC office.

I walked into work that morning to see my ex-boss (who worked out of the main office 5,000 miles away) sitting at my desk. I knew right there- no more paycheck. One hour later I found myself walking back with my box of office belongings and added it to my unpacked boxes in my apartment and thought, “Welcome to NYC”.

Ten months later, I’m still surviving. I write about it at at http://tudorcitygirl.blogspot.com. Good luck to everyone. We’ll be much happier at our new jobs someday.

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Welcome to New York--You're Fired., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

One Response to “Welcome to New York–You’re Fired.”

  • Louise Lewis, author Says:

    Hi there!

    I just landed on this site (not sure how), but when I read your story, I had to giggle. No, no, I’m not laughing at you being “pinked”. But of the fact that in that instant, you “knew”. (Our inner voice is so smart!)

    I giggled because it reminded me of the day I was “set free”. After my boss peppered me with many compliments on my outfit, I busted her, asking, “Gee, all of these compliments…Are you laying me off today?” The look on her face still makes me giggle.

    Glad to hear you’ve landed well.

    take care,
    Louise Lewis, author

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