Forget the light, where is the tunnel?

Where to begin. My husband passed away unexpectedly September 2007. There was only $25,000 in life insurance, which was enough to pay off his car. My employer at the time would not give me any more time off (out 2 weeks) and I had not even gotten the death certificates yet. Put house up for sale. My position was eliminated. Offered a job in Bartow (small town) or Tampa. Had to buy a small house in Tampa as no one would rent to someone with 3 dogs (all under 18 pounds). Jacobs seemed like a nice place when I started in March 08. Boss was bi-polar or something. Angry/avoidance/angry/happy/avoidance, etc. everyday. Her preferred method of communication was email.

About June, I began to notice we were not getting any “new” work. I began to get nervous. I was offered to work 32 hours a week as we were having too much “overhead” billing and I was told no. My 6 month evaluation was canceled and rescheduled 3 times. Finally done on a Friday. She was nasty/vile in her review, yet I had over 4 people telling me “great job”, “faster than expected”. She didn’t care.

The following Tuesday I was asked to go into a meeting with the office director and an H.R. rep. They told me I was one of 25 being laid off effective Nov 3rd, 2008. I moved up to Tampa to take a job by a woman who could not “grow” her division and I pay for it by being laid off.

Now I am trying to get some type of “mortgage relief” from Coldwell but they will not return my phone calls. I moved back to Ft. Myers thinking I would have a better network and I was never able to sell the house there either due to all the foreclosures. Suncoast Schools Credit Union tells me there is nothing they can do to help me (did I mention that State Farm is dropping all homeowners policies in Fla?).

I have interviewed over 4 times since January, and applied for literally hundreds of jobs. Some jobs only pay $32,000 a year, which will not even pay my bills but what can you do? When I call to inquire I am told that I am one of 105 that applied. What the hell does anyone expect me to do? I have 2 masters degrees and over 12 years experience and I cannot find any job that pays as much as unemployment.

I am tempted some days to just stop depleting my savings, stop paying the mortgages, and tell the banks to just take everything and live with either bankruptcy or foreclosure credit implications. Lenders DO NOT care about you or your circumstances.

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