Attitude Controlled by Others

lay off date Dec. 16, 2008
It was a rain out in the construction field. I was only female on a crew of six. I had got to this site the day before from Oklahoma. I had worked in Oklahoma 6 months as a field sec/safety/painter/helper of all/tool attendant/labor foreman/etc.

I had been employed with this company fifthteen years and been to over ten states and had many hats. I loved my job and enjoyed doing it. Lived in motels in most places, and only in most areas approx. 6 months. I had company status which means employed, per diem, free ins.,vacations(3 weeks after 8 years), travel pay, travel over 8 hours motel+eats, lots of perts. In 2004, they took this away from me and supposely laid everyone off except supervisors. And would be rehired in next location as a local. Well come to find out no one else was laid off except locals. No company person was laid off(which was mainly men who had less senority than me). I was rehired in a NC job and worked for over a year as same thing I was in the pass with no benefits. At end of that job, I was not laid off per project manager, then when got to GA where next job was. I was laid off then, Six days later boyfriend had on the job accident and I was out of job 8 months, which ended up being good thing I guess because had to take care of him. After this eight months, I was rehired not only with no benefits but $2 less money and I could only be a sec. and stay in office nothing else. I enjoyed it because I learned a little more about a computer software our compnay was using with our blueprints which I thought would up my status. I was in KY at this point. I was there for 5 months and was not laid off but was sent to AL to work, but got no travel pay or per diem. One thing happen at least no one else on that job got per diem except site manager and one other rehire that had quit in April 2005. Hired back as a supervisor making per diem and $10 more an hr. I knew this because I had filled out his paperwork on both jobs. But I was gave a raise of $2 more an hour which put me back to where I was in NC. But later I had found out about another lady that was rehired after she quit of 6 years with less exp. than me making 50 cents more an hour per her not from anyone else. She told me this, her and I had become friends and talk over the phone from another jobsite. Jobsites communicate with each other. especially since I was doing the safety of all sites at this time. Actually what I was doing was making our tapes into dvds. And making new supervisor notebooks. At this time I was on a jobsite which was the highest bid this company had ever had.

I know giving too much detail Sorry. This jobsite was a big job with over 50 employees and we finished the job 6 weeks early and got our company a big bonus. I did not get any of this.

I found out later there were several that were not on this job or had nothing to do with this job and some of the local help got promotions and bonuses and was sent to another job and got per diem, and all the perts that I had not been getting. Yes I got an attitude and expressed this. All I did was allienate my self. Of course our company employed a new VP that thought he was all that and he did not appreciate women in the field working. Did not help my case.

I worked after this until Dec 16th working mostly in field but also doing paperwork and got laid off and from my understanding will not be rehired. I have been told by some of the 7 people which still work , supervisor will be doing all of their paperwork and they will not hire females in field. There are 5 of these employees that are still working that have less senority than me. And two of them that I can do anything they can do. I have worked side by side of these two and know how sorry they are.

When I ask this VP about working again. He only said we have no place for a sec. and when I say I am not only a sec. he says nothing just grins.

I feel I was laid off because I am a female, and my age. I am 63 years old. Of course I would understand because of the economy , this company has only one field job at this time if they had laid off everyone that did not have as much senority as me. But this was not the fact.

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