Laid Off while waiting for chemo

My husband was laid off while waiting to complete his Chemo treatments.

He had been on (un-paid) Medical Leave from his employer since March 23, 2008. They extended his leave, by certified letter, to October 31,2008.

On 10/14/08 his employer cut 5 staff members from his department by commencing lay offs. This is understandable, due to the economy and we were fine about the lay off.

On 12/1/08 he received a letter from his employer … “due to an administrative error, your employement is terminated effective Sept. 5th, 2008”. We are sorry we did not send you a letter.

Not only did they fire him, we are losing our health insurance. Devistating. And Sad.

It would be a little hard to drag your Chemo pole around a hotel and ask your Oncologist and Chemo nurse to go with you to work.

What is the world coming to? Does anyone care about anyone anymore?

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