Teacher Left Behind

I worked at an inner city charter school in Houston, beginning last September. I was the second 8th grade teacher to come through, as the children had run off their previous teacher. I accepted this job on the other side of town (40 minutes both ways) because of my love of teaching. I would wake up at 5AM daily and would get to work by 6:20, this was in attempt to beat traffic. School didn’t start till 8AM and teachers had to be at school by 7:30AM. I spent most mornings sleeping in my car, as I was the first one to work everyday. I even had a comforter in my backseat.

I was just thrown into the classroom with no help or advice from the principal. My only teaching experience was kinder/1st graders with learning and language delays.

Week one was HELL. And it eventually got better after that. But I’d worked very hard to established myself.

Come DECEMBER 2008, I was laid off!

Because I didn’t take my teacher certification test in October (because there were NO MORE AVAILABLE seats) therefore impossible for me to take the test. That was the main reason I was told by my unqualified principal (no master’s degree).

Gladly to say I passed the test in February of this year!!!

Even after establishing myself in the classroom the principal lied to me numerous times, saying she would keep my position and we would work together.

I haven’t worked in the teaching profession since January. It was more to my being laid off than the technicality of being certified. Others were also not certified.

I sub now…when I’m called. I hate it. But at least I’ll get paid for working in April on the 15th of May…fmylife

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  • Oh Boy Says:

    “fmylife?” I hope you don’t kiss any of those first graders with that mouth. “Gladly” to say you don’t belong in a classroom, except maybe as a student learning to write.

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