Laying on the Pneumonia

I was sick, getting worse every day. It was hard to breathe and sleep. When I wasn’t sleeping, I had a gut feeling at the beginning of the week that my boss would take advantage of my time off somehow. I called each morning to tell her I was not able to make it. I had not seen the sun for days.

By Thursday, the light broke through the drapes of my dark bedroom. I called my boss as usual, saying I needed one more day of rest. I knew I needed at least another week, but I wanted to keep my job. I had a scheduled day off the next day, but I offered to work instead like a good employee. I always thought I was an asset to the company. I always got things done ahead of schedule, I rarely complained and I went above and beyond my call of duty. I thought I was doing all of the things that would ensure my survival. Boy was I wrong.

We hung up on good terms. We agreed that I would work instead of taking a vacation day. Three hours later, the call came. Somehow I knew something was about to happen when I saw the number on my caller ID. My head spun. She mumbled, “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to let you go.” I was in shock. I asked her if she was laying me off because I was sick, because it sure felt that way. Had I taken too many trips to the doctor’s office? She claimed budget issues, but I was the only person without a desk that day. She said she was doing me a favor by letting me know before another day passed, but I could not see past my cold chicken soup and kleenex.

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