Coming Down the Pike.

Started in 93 with a nation wide retailer as a store technical services tech. we supported the stores by installing all the pos alarms and all the low voltage systems. some time in 1997 the company has started installing an upgraded system when a new vp of mis was hired. he stopped the process and hired IBM to install their system. in 2001 this company laid off the entire sts department me included but contracted with ibm to contract with adt to hire all the techs to keep maintaining every thing we did before.

5 years later adt decided to go out of store support business so they contracted with qualxserve to hire all the sts techs they laid off.

1 year later the major retailer goes bankrupt. IBM and qualxserv never give the indication that the jobs of the sts techs where in jeprody or that the maint contract was to be terminated. We all saw it coming and on the last week they had to give all 125 tech nation wide the notice.

On march 12th I had to drive my van to kansas city from st. louis and turn it over to tech there. that was my last day.

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