I worked through an educational staffing agency as an aide to a disabled student in MI. After she\’d told me of a longterm disagreement with her physiotherapist I encouraged her to speak up for herself. Next thing I knew 3 weeks ago I got hauled out of class by 2 women (who never gave their names)from the agency and told the PT filed a complaint against me. They refused to answer my questions or ask the student what happened. The complaint was I looked at my watch (I showed them I don\’t WEAR a watch!), “wandered off” on a recent day (I\’d gone looking for her since she took off with the student, whom I had to take downstairs for lunch)and these were, of course, enough to fire me! They said they didn\’t like my “attitude”. I\’d also complained re. a male student who kept harassing and threatening me (and others), which the school admin. didn\’t deal with adequately. Really, this whole thing was ridiculous, considering all I\’d put up with (constant verbal and physical abuse)during various assignments with NO protection, not even allowed to defend myself against violent students. Now I can\’t even get Unemployment and am on the verge of losing my home, car, etc. Also the agency is not likely to give me a good reference and this will make it nearly impossible to get another job, not that there are a lot of those here in Michigan.

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