being laid off in time for vacation

last week i got pulled in the office and told by the q.c.mgr that i was being laid off cause they are elimiating my shift. i am labled as a part time employee but i work 30 + hrs each week. I have been with my company for 19 months. i was really shocked. since i was told i could come back part time after my baby was born for 1 yr. at first i was really angry and hurt that they could do this. i was also hurt that my own mgr didnt talk to me.and they knew i was going on vacation 7.5.09. but after i calmed down i realized that its just life and i will make the best of it. i am a mother of 4 and i always land on my feet. so come june 30th i get to join the unemployment race. i think i will go back to to school.

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