Blood Drive Gone Bad

This is a letter I wrote to my co-workers after being laid off for donating blood at a work sponsored blood drive through the American Red Cross
Hello Everyone,

I would like to express my thank you to all of you who opened your arms to my Kids and me over the past six years I have been a member of the Hockomock YMCA. Thanks to Jill for being so humorous to the “only guy in the Y Pump classes”. & Tammy for the spinning classes, what a great sense of humor you have! Donna, thanks for being such a great friend, Kevin, Bob, Steve, John, and everyone else… you guys have all been great friend. I don’t think any place I go has nicer, more caring people than the YMCA.

On Friday, June 1st, I had another employee cover upstairs for me on the fitness floor so I could donate blood to the American Red Cross. Do to this incident I was let go from my position at the YMCA. Because of this action, I will no longer be employed, or attend as a member.


Corey, Hannah & Charlie King

“I wonder what George Williams would have to say about this indignation?”
Founder of the YMCA

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