christmas vacation

I worked at a local chain restaurant, it was synonymous to subway, and while it tasted amazing, it was a much worse deal as far as how much you got for your money. for the two months I worked there I slowly noticed how bad the owner was, (for no apparent reason) he\’d turn down the meat fridge and turn up the veggie fridge, subsequently rotting the meat and freazing the veggies. what\’s worse was if we threw it away without consulting him, we\’d be fired, and when we did consult him, he\’d wait about half a week to throw it out, to try and sell as much of it as he could without getting caught. what\’s more; he was paranoid, he kept track of inventory, but he consistently made errors, he started trying to accuse workers of stealing pitas. He installed cameras in the store and at one point called to tell the shift manager that “her hair wasn\’t done up well enough”. If we dropped food or made a mistake on an order, he\’d try and force the charge on us, which in this state is against the law, if we didn\’t comply he\’d threaten us with termination. He made us put less in every order and kept raising prices, I can understand this, but coupled with everything else, it was ridiculous. I did a pretty good job at work, I was nice to customers, I always put a smile on my face, said hello, etc. (the owner consistently harased all workers on this subject) When it came to completing tasks, I was a bit slow compared to the other workers, but as far as the quality of my work, I did a better job than anyone else. I never talked back to any of my superiors, when I was asked to do something, I did it, no questions asked.
The last two times I ate the restaurants food I got food poisoning, most likely due to the rotten meat, but possibly due to some sauce I later discovered had been expired for several months, and not disposed of.
business started slowing down in the fall, many parents took their kids to the restaurant for a healthy meal after socker practice, but when that was over, the rushes started disappearing. We had a very snowy winter, an unusual thing in this area; the weather kept people from driving, further lowering profits. for the last two weeks I worked there, I knew lay offs were coming. The boss started making excuses to himself to justify the lay offs, he started to demonize the people he laid off, the only reason he didn\’t fire them was the head manager talked him out of it.
I asked for a week off around christmas, my brother was in town for the first time in almost two years (ironically the snow blocked all routs from seattle to here, stranding him there until he had to leave to be back to his work)
On my last work day before my time off, at the end of my shift, I went to take the garbage out; as I went out the back door to the dumpster the manager said she needed to talk to me, at that moment I knew what was going to happen. I came back in only to be correct, I was laid off on my last day before christmas vacation.

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    This psoting knocked my socks off

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