Customer Care Representative

I worked for a company that centered around security systems: they sold, installed, serviced and monitored systems, both residential and commercial. The son of the owner bought the “monitoring” portion of the business for a reported $3M, and company restructuring began.

I worked for the sales/service/installation portion of the company, and I loved my job dealing with the customers and their problems and requests. I had been cross-trained in three areas of my department. When the monitoring portion was purchased, they laid off a gal who had been an employee for 16 years. She joined our department, and I was required to perform my job functions as well as hers while she was being trained. Added to that, the third component of our dept., which had been ignored for 8 months, was dropped into my lap with instructions to “clean it up” in the space of five weeks ON TOP of my job and the other gal’s job.

It was way too much for one person, and we were not allowed overtime. I was taken into the manager’s office and told that I had “lost my focus” and that they had not been able to “mold me into the person they wanted to mold me into”. All this after 2 1/2 years of loyal service.

I really loved MY job, when I didn’t have to do two other jobs as well. I also had a very controlling supervisor. (I’m being gentle, here.)

I could have performed this job for the rest of my career, had I been allowed to just do MY job, and not three at once.

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