Cutting Public Safety… That\’s Smart

I have been a Police Officer for about 8 years. During my career I have been a Field Training Officer, Department Training Officer, Academy Instructor, Warrant Service Officer, Tactical and Rescue Team Member, and on and on. I have hundreds of hours of additional training, and I teach a few specialty classes.
About one year ago I left the second largest city in the state and took a job at a very well paying, smaller police department. The benefits were great and the pay difference was substantial. During the hiring process they talked about how great the city was to work for, and how they had a solid budget for training, equipment, and overtime.
About six months after I arrived we started having meetings at the department during our briefings with the city manager, who brought in charts to show us how poor the city suddenly was, and how we needed to take a salary reduction in our contract. Then came mandatory meetings at city hall with more of the same bad news. The initial police association members all voted not to take a reduction in salary, and then when we were asked a second time we voted to take the pay cut. The city manager put a story in the news two weeks later about how the city was still short money, and how the city would have to go without services due to the shortfall. And two days later the first officer was terminated.
Then on my last day of probation, with no write ups, reprimands, etc., I was called in to the Chief\’s office and told I was being let go because I did not “fit in” at the department, and my policing skills were more suited for a larger city or police department. I recieved my final check, which they explained they did not have to pay out any vacation hours to me, and I needed to clean out my locker. This conversation took all of five or ten minutes.

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