Double Wammie

I was working for a staffing agency for 8 months at a automotive factory, I knew things had gotten bad but our ever optimistic employeer ensured us everything was fine… even though we were haveing extreme cut-backs in hours we would all be fine after Christmas… About a week before everyone was set for our Christmas shut-down they gathered all of the people who\’d come from the staffing agency and told us basically don\’t come back on the following Monday… It wasn\’t a big suprise for us… In fact we\’d kind of been counting on it for some time.
The staffing agency then sent practically everyone that had lasted until the shut down and placed them in a factory which dealt mostly with food. We all felt pretty secure, infact we were all doing well, then one fateful morning we recieved the call… “Don\’t worry about coming in your line has been shutdown.” I guess what stings the most is that the staffing agency contenues to send new untrained employees in to work in our place all the while telling us that they don\’t have any openings… 20 Skilled workers can\’t be paid to do jobs they do well but 10 unexperienced workers can?

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