Dumped the day after returning from my Fathers funeral

I was a payroll administrator/human resources person at a large automobile dealership in TN for 13 years. They had just acquired another dealership the year before and it was not doing well. Part of my job was processing the terminated employees so I knew just how bad it was but never dreamed I would eventually be part of that process. My Father (Step-father but a real Father to me) passed away after a long illness and I went to Florida with my Aunt and Uncle to be with my Mother and help in anyway possible. I came back a day early to do the mid month payroll and noticed my computer had a different password which was explained that some updates had been done. After I processed the payroll that afternoon, I was called into the COO office aliong with the office manager. I thought I was getting a promotion. LOL Was I surprised! Seems that when they laid off all the office employees at the “taken over” dealership, they kept one to do my job. She was younger, paid less and had a degree. After 3 months I got a job at another dealership that swore I would never get laid off. LOL Now 7 months later I am job hunting again after another lay off. No more dealerships!

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Dumped the day after returning from my Fathers funeral, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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