Happy Birthday!

I worked for a company that really was managed very badly all the way from corporate to the branch manager…she did not have a clue how to manage an office. So, when I went into her office to let her know that I had just bought a plane ticket for my vacation…..also to tell her what I wanted for my birthday cake…(something all employees did, chose there flavor)I got a very funny look when I asked her to check the calendar to make sure the time off was ok. I just thought she was busy but did feel strange about her reaction. No more than 10 minutes later another co-worker and myself were told that there would be a meeting but we would not be in it. I happened before …did not think anything of it. So…they are all herded into the meeting and I am called into the managers office. HR from Corp is on the phone….I am told to pack up and go. No warning, no nothing. Corp cutbacks….the day before my birthday. 2 weeks severance and I am on my way. I think that what pissed me off the most was I was told my job was safe…..and! I was told to go ahead and get my plane ticket…not a problem!! I try to think it is for the best. The job sucked, that is all I am saying!!

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