Harrassed by a Deacon in training

I was working at a Land Rover dealer in Chicago suburb on Tinley Park. While I was employed there a member of management who talked freely about his involvement with the Catholic church. His desk had various religious pictures & he had a crucifix on the wall.

My wife had lost her job and with it our insurance benefits. Through my job it would have cost $800.00 a month in premiums. I started to look for a different job with a better insurance plan. The good Deacon-to-be caught wind of this and called me into his office.

He told me he was aware of my job search and I was free to leave. I asked him if he knew the reason why. He said he didn’t care, that if I was looking he’d give me the time.

A week or two later he was let go. The Lord does work in strange and mysterious ways. The day I heard of his lay-off I received a phone call, it was for a job that had better benefits than the job my wife was downsized out of. The bottom line is KEEP THE FAITH. Something good always comes from adversity.

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