For 4 years I worked for Citi Home Equity as an Account Executive. We did extremely well and were figuring on retiring from this position.
My wife had been having severe back pain for several years and it finally came to the point that surgery was needed. So that feared day came for the surgery and we went to the hospital. As they were preping her for surgery, I received a phone call that there was a mandatory conference call at 10 AM that morning. That was fine since my wife would be in surgery. I didn’t say anything to her since I didn’t suspect anything. But I did call an associate of mine and asked if he was on the same call. He said no and that his was at 9:00. Now I was beginning to wonder. I got the call ID from him and got on the 9:00 call.

The first words out of managements mouth was “Those of you who are on this call still have a job!”

I had just been laid off! I was the one needing medical help. Now what? So I called in at 10:00 and was told the bad news. They layed out the severance and timing. I went to lunch and just played with my food. What was I going to tell my wife and when? It was about a week later that I told her, once the drugs wore off. It worked out for the best for a couple of months since I could take care of my wife. But it was 10 months later that I was finally able to get another position.

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