How I Got Laid Off

I came into work thinking it was just another Monday. I realized that the first shift laser operator supervisor was in a bad mood after coming out of the office from there Monday meeting. I didn\’t think anything of it until one of the other second shift laser operators came up to me and said that he heard from the supervisor that they were going to start doing lay offs with no notice, and that the supervisors weren\’t supposed to tell anyone. Well given the supervisors are close friends with a lot of the pee on staff such as myself it was leaked out pretty quickly. So me being concerned for my job went to the shop manager and looked him in the eyes and asked him to tell me the truth about this rumor I heard. He looked straight at me and said everything is fine, and it was just a rumor that was started because the one supervisor got yelled at for something. So I thought nothing was wrong but my supervisor on second shift whom i was friends with seemed a little off the rest of the night. I just figured he was having a bad Monday. The night went on and I even worked late to get a job done. My supervisor left that night with out even saying bye or anything. I then went home. The next day I noticed the parking lot was a little empty but didn\’t think anything of it because it was the week before Christmas and a lot of people were taking off. I walked in the door to punch in and noticed that my time card was missing, along with a dozen others. Before I even knew what to think i saw the shop manager come around the corner and he said to go with him. I then got a deep sinking feeling. I walked in the office and noticed a few other people in there from my shift including my supervisor. The shop manager handed us all letters and didn\’t say a word to us. I actually had to read the letter just to find out that I was laid off indefinetly. I asked the shop manager what was going on and all he said was “It\’s not my fault” and walked away. I don\’t know how I held my cool, but with out arguing I walked out the door. My supervisor followed me, and looked at me in tears and said he was so sorry and it just wont be the same with out me there. After a couple of weeks they laid off more people, and there is only three people left on second shift. They then told everyone that they had to use all there vacation and were making people take forced vacations. Then after no one had vacation left they started laying off the whole shop floor every other week which they are still doing to this day. The company went from 60+ shop employees down to a dozen or so. They didn\’t allow anyone to take early retirement and most employees that weren\’t in the initial lay off like me were terminated and denied unemployment. One guy actually committed suicide because he burned up his savings and lost his house. The owner and shop manager actually laughed about it because they fired the guy after 15 years and denied his severance pay so now his daughter and ex wife cant use it to survive. The name of the company is Sjoberg Tool & Mfg, in Hartland, Wisconsin. They don\’t care about anything but themselves and making money. Even there employees of 10+ years were treated the same as a temp. The owner and his wife went on a two week trip to Germany so they wouldn\’t have to be around during the lay offs and actually signed all the papers a week before.

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  • Austin Says:

    The shop is still actively disposing of people yearly. Only Rick Bright the super boss just fires the ones with injuries. The son runs the company now. With the help of his drug addict son and his daughter. The owners wife handles the paperwork for the company. The founder is now dead.

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