I Am Laid Off………Sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!

Well, in early May 2009 I got a phone call, and after I answered it, person said, “Do not call my name out!” (like, “Hello, Jane Doe. Nice to hear from you.”) I was shocked and said, “Okay. So how are you doing.” She told me, “I need to tell you something. Are you sitting down? I hope so, because I just received word you are going to be laid off.” I doubted her big time, given I took a 5 year old mess of a job/brand and proceded in 8 months to clean up everything (including having to get rid of dead-weight employees)that was wrong with this brand. Yet she was very serious. “I am not joking! I have the paperwork here and they are looking into your contract to see how they can let you go.”

I was floored. I then asked who will take over. “Well, they are looking at R.” Sweet Lord!! This same guy had this position before for 2 years and things were such a mess, the directors took it away from him. But now they are giving it back to him after I cleaned everything up.

So needless to say, after we hung up the phone I wa upset, angry, depressed, sicken, happy, joyful, etc. (And this was in the first 10 minutes after I hung the phone up….)

I left work early to call my wife and let her know. She was upset but she was then happy as she knew I was being driven into the ground by my boss and my boss\’s boss.

Still, it hurt quite a bit.

Yet just today, I ran into one guy who heads up another division. He and I are friends and we chatted about it on the way out of the building. He said he was quite shocked about it. But then he said it is a good thing as our division is dying and the guy who heads it up sucks. And with so many other talented people leaving (not only laid off, but also resigning to show how bad things are) this would be a good thing to have happened. “Your division is such a mess right now. I would leave and not look back if I was you,” said JM. And he offered to give me a couple free items from his division.

So now I will get the company to move my stuff home (I live in another location away from my family), they will cash out my vacation time (another $7,0000), give me my retirement money ($5,000 straight into other retirement investments), a plane ticket home, and I get to stay in my apartment until the movers come on August 4th!

But the main thing is I am out of the WORSE brand out there. And such POOR managers/directors/VP\’s that I have one thing to say:

“Laying me off? Sweet, dude!!!”

Now I am looking forward to either going to school, get a new job (as I have 10 true friends looking all over the world for me), or maybe looking for a new field to join.

So when life gave me lemons (laying me off), I am deciding to make lemonade. Any one want a cold glass of lemonade? Can add “some additional flavoring” if you want…..

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