I got laid off:

In October of 2008 my company reduced the number of shifts down to two, I had told them that I am a disabled vet(before they even hired me)and I reminded them again when they put me on the first shift, after about two weeks on the new shift I started having flare ups and ended up on FMLA (family medical leave act) no pay not even unemployment for two months on the day I was to return to work (FMLA expired) 12/23/2008 I was told that I am along with hundreds of others indefinitely laid-off and that they are only working one shift. Unemployment was no help at all either it took from 01/05/2009 till sometime in April to start recieving benefits. I give all thanks and credit to the Lord Jesus for keeping me and my family from going under during the time of dealing with the non-caring Michigan department of unemployment. I give Praise to the Lord for his continuing help and guidance through these difficult times and Obama I wish you have the common decency to get the heck out of office and let someone who truely cares for America and is not afraid to ask the one true GOD for help and allah is a false god.

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