I got Laid Off after coming back from sick leave

I was on medical leave for 2 weeks with a doctor’s excuse. I was a supervisor for a janitorial company and I went back to work on Dec. 26,2008 and my boss called me on Dec. 31 2008 not to come back to the building that I was working in to call is office on the 2nd of Jan. So I called and he didn;t answer. Then I found out that he was out of the office. So I called several times the following week and still no answer. So I called the union and they got ahold of him and he finally called me and they offered me just a janitor job that payed over 2.00 less then I was making. I refuse

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I got Laid Off after coming back from sick leave, 2.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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