I got layed off two weeks after my wedding!!

I had went on my destination wedding on the beach of Hilton Head Island, SC on May 23rd. I enjoyed working for my boss so much that i invited her to my reception as a symbol of gratitude for all she had done for me. After all, without her i had no money to get married, buy a house, or own ANYTHING. My reception was back home so all of my family and friends could enjoy a piece of our new lives and a new beginning together. While many family and friends showed up and the reception was a complete and perfect success my employer didnt show. “That was ok”, i thought. She had two young kids and probably had something come up since she had previously told me she would be there.

Eight work days after i came back she called me to her office and informed me that she would be laying me off for lack of incoming work to the business. She presented me a check that she had meant to give to me at my reception. “This is a moot point, but here is the gift i wanted to give you at your reception”, she said. I tried to refuse after sincerely thanking her for the time there and all she had allowed me to do. She had told me that my termination was immediate and i would not be coming back the next day. I opened the check after coming from her office to see that the memo on it said, “congratulations”. Congratulations! lol. Ironic, i thought. Congratulations, here is your gift. Now, your fired.

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I got layed off two weeks after my wedding!!, 4.1 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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