It’s all about the vomit…..

In April of 2009, my boss requested that I meet him at a local diner EARLY the next morning. He assured me that, “Everything is fine. No worries.” Our company was a small market research firm working with pharmaceutical companies. Business had been tough but not awful. In fact, the owners of said company held a meeting in December 2008 to say how great everything was and that there were not going to be any layoffs. I started looking for another job that day.

So, back to the greasy diner on a random Friday morning. My boss (a big eater) ordered nothing but coffee. Red flag. He then proceeded to tell me that my salary had been cut “as had everyone else’s.” Not his, but everyone else who worked directly with clients. Then he breezed into the part of our conversation (I was speechless at this point) where he dumped 10 more loser accounts into my lap while casually telling me that I had until July 1, 2009 to book ~$1 million in additional business from these accounts. He should have just asked me to grow 2 inches taller by next week. It was the same outcome. I had to redirect him back to the salary cut comment as soon as my head stopped spinning. Oh yes, he forgot to mention that it was a 30% cut and that there would be no commission from any 2008 projects that I sold. There went another $30 grand.

So fast forward to 4 weeks later. His admin, who was so obtuse that she couldn’t find the address book in her email if it bit her on the a&&, makes an “appointment” on my calendar to come in and see the boss….diner guy. I made it for Monday morning. No sense in ruining my weekend. Over the weekend however, my 7 year old came down with the flu. Raging high temp with vomitting. Not a good weekend for us. So, Monday morning rolls around and my child is in bed with a 104 temp. We have both been up all night and I’m in no mood to go see diner guy at 9 am for what I think I know is coming. I called in and told him the problem and I offered to have a phone conference. He said that was not possible and why couldn’t I find a babysitter at 9 am on a Monday morning to come and stay with my sick child? I ended up bringing my daughter to the office because this meeting was so terribly “urgent”.

Well, diner guy laid me off as my daughter was throwing up in my office. Then he had the nerve to come in and ask if I was doing ok. Did I mention the generous 2 week severance package?? He didn’t see the vomit behind the door and since I didn’t work there anymore, I didn’t mention it to him. Since he had a schedule to keep about laying me off, then I had a schedule to keep as well….we left for the doctor’s office and never went back or spoke to him again. I hope the smell permeated the office and made him and his pseudo-secretary sick. By the way, she’s gone now too. Bummer.

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