Just a voicemail

Hi, I relocated to VA in Summer of 2005 because my new job there started in December. I worked for the company for exactly 3 years before I was fired via voicemail. I became ill several months prior to the firing. I applied for FMLA which human resources dropped the ball on that. So I wasn\’t able to get it. Anyway, My doctor advised me to take 1 month off of work which I quickly told him \’no way\’ Instead I took a week off and on the 4th day of the week I returned home from the doctor and had a voicemail message from HR. Stating something to the effect that my contract was terminated and I was no longer needed for the project. To add even more frustration when I returned for my final paycheck they were refusing to issue it to me because I didn\’t have my work badge to turn in. Which I had reported missing more than 5 months prior and was still waiting on a replacment. I dealt with a lot of hardship working for the company. I even had a previous supervisor that decided not to do my yearly review for a raise bc, he only had a week left before taking another job himself. I never in return got any back pay bc of what he did when I was finally issued a raise. The firing caused me so much stress I spent 15 days in the hospital and had to move back to FL w/ my parents. Verizon On-line you suck!

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