Laid off after saving the company over 2 million dollars

Back in 2001 I was laid off from a top 500 company after the stock market went south. I know a lot of people lost jobs after 9/11 and I was one of them. On 9/11/01 I came up with an idea that would save my company over 2 million dollars by just working faster on some contracts and getting them closed before the market would open back up. We did nothing wrong we just paid out all the contracts that we had at the time the stock market closed and then when it would open back up the value of the contracts would be less, which the company would have to put money into for the guaranteed contracts. My boss took the idea to her boss and then legal to make sure everything would be ok. They all said yes and said great job. Then on November 17 justs two days after my birthday I was called into the Directors office and was told I would be laid off. I had been with the company for 4 years and 9 months, just 3 months away from being vested in the company. There were 3 people in my department that had been there less time then me and plus just over 2 months ago I saved the company millions of dollars. I found out later that they laid of 2 more people from my team and then 6 months later hired in 3 people to replace us and paid them $25,000 less a year then what we each were making. And one last this company laid off over 500 people that day and the company called the local news team so they could get people walking out of the building carrying a box and crying for good tv. But things a great now and I love my new job, I just have some hate for this company.

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