long winter wait

I worked in the Nursery industry and had for 10 years and never got laid off , until last year , so I said ok i\’ll treat it as a little vacation and not have to drive in the snow of JANUARY AND FEBRUARY GREAT , so now comes the days leading up to my return to my desk as office manager and all around go to gal so I call my manager on the monday before and ask him about the next weeks return for the spring season and he informs me he dopesnt know and that he is meeting with the owner to find out status of return dates well I wait until Wednesday and he calls me back and asks if I can come into the office 45 minutes away from my home a trip I made gladly for 8 years, I said just tell me over the phone and easy as you please he says your staying on unemployment for a little longer. Not satisfied with a little longer as an answer I called the owner of the company and after a long 3 hour wait. he called me back and told me due to restructuring they were not bringing me back , what happen next they kept the person that worked under me gave her a 2 dollar raise and hired someone else for less and that means they got 2 people for the price of me I guess that worked as a new seasons budget . I\’m currently still looking due to there late notice the spring season jobs are scarce so I am looking in other areas. If I am honest maybe they did me a favor because I would never made it in the male dominated company any further , then I did . so this forces me to reach for a new goal. upside or revenge customers don\’t like how it was all handled and have stopped doing business with them all together . I so they are losing Money this season . Still smiling anyway have a great day

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