Preggos & Laid Off

I had just came back to town from my out of state baby shower. I walked into my office Monday morning and my manager told me she needed to speak to me. I was laid off. Nice…8 and a half months preggos with my first child, no job and no healthcare. Who can afford COBRA? As a single mother, I has been hard to feed me and my child. I am on public assistance and can not find a job that is going to pay enough for daycare, rent and gas. I even had to get a roommate to help with the rent which means my child no longer has a nursey. It sucks. I should sue her and that company! No one else was laid off in that department. I think my former manager singled me out. I am still looking for work. I think I am going to have to move back home with my parents. I have been gone for 20 years and this is what I may have to do. I am pissed that in the day and age, we have to deal with this crappy economy!

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