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worked for michelin tire north america for 19 years. lost my right hand at work april 1 2007 due to faultly equipment. returned to work jan. 7 2008 for 90 days light duty, around the end of the 90 days was offered a job driving a fork lift in a high traffic area, no way i could do this. on april 4th 2008 i was contacted by the long term insurance carrier that i would be back on long term disabality starting on april 6th 2008. no one from the company ever called to inform me of this. went to the plant on the following monday and was terminated. none of my mangers or supervisors ever called. since then the long term disabality has run out, social security office says not disabled enough [ no right hand 80 percent disabality in right arm ]. so at this point off life no job, no hand, no income, i\’m 50 years old. thank GOD i did plan ahead earlier in life

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