Regards to the Happy Couple…

In October of 2004 my girlfriend and I were driving to northern Wisconsin to attend a friends wedding. I was employed as a Network Analyst for a large insurance company, and had taken a week of vacation to attend the wedding. While driving north my cell phone kept losing signal as we dropped into valleys, and regaining signal as we crested the hills. It was on one of these crests that I noticed I had a voice mail. I pulled the car over at the top of another hill to check my voice mail, and got a message to call work as soon as possible because there was an “important” issue to discuss. I called back immediately, and reached my manager, who told me she had to conference in our director. The chipper director told me that my position (along with about 30 percent of the other employees in our group) had been outsourced to a Network Operations Center in Ireland, and that I did not have to come back into work. I was flabbergasted. After having been with the company for 5 years, this was how they decided to tell me I was the victim of a RIF?!? I had a difficult time enjoying the wedding; all I could think about was how I was going to make my mortgage payment.

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