Relocated and then laid off

I used to work for one of the big three in Detroit as a Sr Analyst for 5 years when I took a healthy buyout in early September of 2008 and decided that my time in MI was done and was ready to move back to my hometown and went ahead and accepted a very exciting and, from my initial research and conversations, a very stable position. My relocation was paid for by my new employer plus I received a very generous signing bonus and salary within my negotiations. After 5 months on the job, and making great headway as well as receiving great accolades for my performance, I strolled into work, early as usual, and was called into my VP’s office and was told that today will be my last day due to the company’s inability to correctly forecast accurate profit ratios and margins so in short I was thrilled to move back home and was even more thrilled to receive full relocation, a signing bonus and a healthy pay check but was laid off because of the company’s poor vision and irresponsibility to properly understand the direction of their own firms profitability and cost levels not to mention their own forecasts….

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