They did it via email. Nothing more.

After 10 years at a rather large software company known for its near total dominance on the desktop, I was cut. Is the company doing poorly? Hardly. Is this company using this as an excuse to replace US Citizens and green car workers with H1B foreign workers? Absolutely. If the company had been doing poorly and really needed to cut then I would have been much more understanding.

There had been rumors for months. So working with my direct manager I gave up nearly 3 weeks of unused vacation in December to back up others to keep my utilization at nearly 100% which is not an easy feat with all the BS non-direct work, meetings and busy work required. We agreed on this so that I would remain at the top of the heap when and if cuts had to be made.

So on the day of great earnings reports they also announced cuts in various departments. None of which I was in so I felt like I had dodged a bullet. However once I got to work I found the lovely email announcing my position had been eliminated.

So how did they handle this? Keep in mind this is a company that constantly reminds everyone about their great compassion for their employees. So much so that they provide full benefits to same-sex domestic partners. Well other than the email I received no visits by management. No visits by HR. No handshake. Not even someone dodging looking me in the eye. They avoided that whole unpleasantness by simply sending an email and then a call from HR telling me to pack my stuff and get out by the end of the day. I truly expected more from a company of that size, for 10 years service with no performance issues. The original company president was truly compassionate about people, technology and innovation. The second and current President is only concerned with cost efficacy, responsibility margins, cost of delivery and paying higher than industry average bonuses to Directors and above.

Initially I was just dismayed. Then I became angry when I found out that on the same day they cut a bunch of us they had openings and hiring H1B Visa workers for positions they would not allow us to apply for. To avoid drawing ire from public officials they made sure to donate $250K per person laid off to each states coffers for the purposes of ‘training’ the workforce. The company has clearly lost its moral compass.

I truly believe that what goes around comes around. I expect the company to pay for its heinous actions against US Citizens. From my farewell email I sent to the company I received over 600 emails back from around the world of people that I have helped that were in shock that of the people to be selected that I was one of them. So I fell very good about that. I kept every one of them and look back through them once in a while when I get depressed.

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