Why Me?

I worked as an interior designer for a large stone, tile, slab, kitchen and bath company for the last year. Prior to that I owned my own business for 30 years in the same field but was forced to close and lay off others due to ec. I found all my previous employees jobs with the competition.
Then I went to work for the competition.
I exceeded all my sales quotas and out sold ALL other sales people that had been there longer. When I got a call to rush to another state to the hospital because my mother was dying of cancer and had a heart attack (I scheduled a Monday off to be there, only 1 day missed work).
I was at my mothers bedside on that Monday when my boss called me and laid me off. He first asked me to take a couple of weeks off without pay. I told him I couldn\’t afford that and to lay me off so I could collect unemployment for at least one week. Its a good thing because the following week he filed bankruptcy and closed. I would have been without any income and unemployment. Then he didn\’t pay our last checks, and took insurance money and didn\’t pay the premiums.

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