You got me once but not twice

It was a few years back , I worked for a big
logistics company and they got outbided on a job that at the time we where doing and that wasn\’t good at al my old manager told me that I don\’t need to worry that i was gonna make the cut so that gave me peace of mind for a while that is,
my wife got pregnant i a made arrangements to have time off when she delievered the baby ,so
everything was good until a month before my wife
gave birth they called me to the office and said that i was getting laid off in a month that they are sorry so i was laid off the same week that my son was born so much for getting time off huh?,5 months past i moved on and the phone rings it was my old boss begging me to come back
,so like a dumb*** i went back to work for them
my wife got pregnant again and the problems at work started again and i started to see that another lay off was going to come but before they got me again ifound another job and left them ,to this day i still getting phone calls from my old boss asking to come back thanks but no thanks i got a awesome job now without nobody breathing down my neck .

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