For Causing What?

To start, the company had huge problems in our branch. It was nine women in one tiny space so the cattiness was to the max! They had HR to investigate complaints so many times, it was ridiculous!

So one day, I came to work on my day off to finish the payroll because I knew my boss wouldn\’t finish it. The corporate HR girl was in the office but I didn\’t think anything off it. Then my boss got called away to a family emergency (this was a daily family emergency, btw). So I sat there for three hours while she was gone just tapping in the payroll with the corporate HR girl right behind me looking over my shoulder the whole time.

Finally my boss gets back and they shut the door. The HR girl says “We\’re letting you go for cause” and I said “what does that mean? Causing what?” And she replies “just for cause”. Hands me a check and tells me it covers up to the day I got fired. I look at it and it doesn\’t even cover the weekend and holiday I just worked. And I didn\’t sign anything, no write up about the “cause” that I deserved to be fired for or anything.

I wait two weeks for the extra check they had to send me and THAT still doesn\’t cover it all. My only satisfaction is that all but one person has been “let go” from that branch. And that awful HR person is gone, too.

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