Home Sick….

Looking back, the signs were there….I started work for a small Pharma company in Philadalphia, Pa, and right away things were not that great. The boss was a micro-manager, the hours were long and the “flexible work schedule” was only in my dreams. I stuck it out for 6 months and when the promised pay increase did not happen, I began to look for a new job. A few months passed and I was still looking and called out sick two days in a row because of strep throat. The second day that I was home, I came downstairs to fix tea, and noticed a box on my front porch. It had a letter taped to it. I brought it inside and opened it up. It was the contents of my desk, and a the letter read” I was terminated efficetive right away”. I was stunned. Not really at the fact I was let go, I WAS looking for another job, but at the way it was done. My empolyer refused to give me my last check unless I signed a form that released them from any “future lawsuits and that I would not apply for unemployment”. I refused, I have had to file a complaint with the Labor board in our state to get my last check! Life is much better now that I am not with that company, less stress etc….

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