Kissing up was not what I was hired to do

I had been recruited in HR for this company four years ago, and knew on day one, it was not going to be good. My direct boss, the HR Director, was at the time, the most egotistical, self absorbed little troll I had ever met.

Years later, this little troll boss was demoted and was no longer my manager. I had a manager I loved, who worked directly in the corporate office, and he would have my back. Soon, they hired another HR Director who I was told, I did not directly report to, but since I was in HR, she would have some authority over me as she handled my budget. Not sure how that works…I report to someone else in HR AND her? Next, I found myself having to ask a myriad of people for permission to do anything. Troll woman still wanted authority, my boss had to know what I was doing, and now this new HRD made the troll’s ego issues pale in comparison.

I hated this job so much I was physically getting ill on my way into work and at my desk, my new marriage was on the rocks due to job stress and I was caught in a paycheck to paycheck nightmare. In March I was told we would be doing a mass company lay off and I was needed to help keep major positions staffed and inform those that were getting cut. As D day approached I still hadn’t received the list of management being cut. Being scared, I approached my boss and asked if there was anything I needed to be worried about. He informed me, no way, they couldn’t do without me. I could go ahead and put my nonrefundable deposit on the pricey dream vacation I had promised my daughter which would fix my marriage and my stress level.

Days later I was called into the trolls office and told that the HRD didn’t think I was keeping her in the loop on everything I was doing day to day (micromanagement was a HUGE issue here), and if I didn’t start “kissing her A” then I wouldn’t have a job soon. As soon as I was done laying off all the hourly workers, I was called in, thanked and told I was no longer needed. But, if I could give them some pointers on a big upcoming recruit they were doing, it would be helpful. Yeah, I don’t think so…

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