Laid Off While On Vacation

In the last six months, my boss had reorganized his team. I managed a group of seven global professionals. We were always at full throttle especially early mornings to support clients in Europe and Asia.

After 20+ years, I had accumulated 5 weeks of vacation. I took my first week of vacation right before Labor Day. I sent my normal note to my internal customers, telling them how to get support in my absence. I changed my VMX greeting to reflect the same information.

Just in case, I called in the first day of vacation to pick up messages. I had not one, but two messages from an outplacement firm telling me that they had been hired at no expense to me, and why had I not responded to them. I called a co-worker to get my boss’s cell phone number, and had my boss pull over while driving on the on the interstate.

He confirmed that my position had been eliminated prior to an upcoming acquisition. They held a teleconference to inform the rest of the team later that week. I listened in to my own professional wake. It turns out that his boss had been frantically looking for me early on the prior Friday evening to give me the news.

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