lay-off runaround

This happened back in Dec of 1995. I was working for a major airline in the Phx. area. Guess who? The airline is now US Airways!!. Anyway one afternoon I was preparing to go to work (I worked the swing shift)when the phone rang….It was my supervisor telling me that since our crew had done such a wonderful job getting the work out before schedule that he was giving the whole crew the day off with pay!!. I really didn\’t think anything of it at the time since the company had a policy at the time that gave supervisors the authority to do things similar to what he did. Anyway that evening I took my wife out to a nice dinner, we got home and watched TV the rest of the night. I was just about to turn the TV off when a news teaser came on asking the question…..What on earth is going on? with a view of our maintenance hanger!!! I watched with horror as the news reporter told it\’s viewers that many mechanics were being walked off the property as now mainentance was going to be handled by outsourced mechanics. Needless to say I got hardly zero sleep that night. Well the next day the phone rang and I was told that I had been selected for lay-off, that I would be told when to come in to pick up my stuff!!. The one thing that really gave me a bad taste was the fact that 0ne week previous to being laid off we were all told from the CEO himself that we were the best in the business and to not listen to the rumors being floated around about our work being outsoured because in his own words….WE WERE THE BEST…..WHY WOULD A COMPANY OUTSOURCE WORK WHEN WE CAN DO THE WORK IN HOUSE FOR CHEAPER THEN WE COULD DO IT BY OUTSOURCING IT?? Well to add insult to injury about 1 year later after moving my family to another town 2000 miles away I recieved a letter from the government with an urgent plea to contact my previous employer, so I did. They offered me my old job back with pay at the top scale if only I came back!!I then asked about my seniority status…Would that be retained? They said no I would have to start at the bottom of the seniority list. I promptly told them to shove thier offer where the sun don\’t shine and hung up.

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