Not Unlike other layoffs

I was a hard worker for my past employer- worked there almost 2 years. I was a Business Development Representative for an outsoure inside sales staff. I was the person my co-workers came to when they had questions. My boss sat me down on Tuesday and said my performance on new campaign wasn\’t up to standard, but I had been training someone that week.

It was a fore-warning, since on Thursday they let me go. They sat me down, and said they were restructoring the company and they were letting myself and another senior person go. I had been prepared, on Tuesday I cleaned out my desk, and awaited Thursdays news. I thanked them for letting me know, grabbed my jacket, and headed for the door.

When my co-workers found out I was let go, they were outraged, and started to say things to my boss, I told them to “have a brave face”, and it would work out in the end.

Two weeks after being laid off in January, my husband broke his leg. I wouldn’t say it was a Godsend, but I was able to be home with him after his surgery, and his recoup time. If I had been working at this time, I would have lost my job due to lost time, and wouldn’t have gotten unemployment benefits.

I just got offered a position on Friday, I will be starting on the day of my fifth month of unemployment. Good luck to everyone else looking for work.

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