The Day before Thanksgiving!

I was working for a large Aerospace firm which shall remain nameless (there are only 2 or three this big!) a few years ago. Although we were salaried employees, we were required to fill-out an attendance/time-sheet every week and have it signed by our department manager before submitting it to HR.

Well, the wednesday before Thanksgiving, my boss walks up to me and says that this being a short week, he needs the time-sheet. Being a good employee, I make the usual rounds and go to all my department co-workers and get them to fill out their sheets as well, so that I could turn them all in at once as we usually did.

Surprise, surprise, a little while later I was asked to go into a meeting with my boss. I walk in to find an HR rep. holding my last paycheck. I was told that since the company-stock was so low, they were being forced to cut-back and had to start with the least tenured employees.

I get all the economics of layoffs, but if you have to let someone go the day before Thanksgiving, do not make them walk around the office (unwittingly) letting everyone know that they are the first to go! Would it have killed them to cut me a check without the time-sheet?

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